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DijiTAG software system can be adapted to all systems used in retail software is completely Turkish. Through the DijiTAG user interface program, you can easily perform product insertion, product matching, label design update and new label design creation. You can create the product label appropriate to the templates of the labels you are using, update the label you have created and perform the price change again through the same interface.

You can easily find the product you want to make changes with the filtering options in our software. Each digital tag has an IP number that you can pair with the IP interface from the system interface. The tag warning that is not updated in the pairing process gives warning of labels that vary in high limits in quantity and amount. Digital labeling system is designed to work without the need for internet. According to your wishes, you can add and update products via excel table quickly and easily. In companies that work as branches or chain stores, when the stores need to make price changes or label updates in special cases, it is possible to create a special excel table for each store and update each store that can be sent to the store via a separate excel table.

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